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Reignite your Career (Construction and Green Skills)

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Do you want to make your mark in the construction, built environment and green sectors? This course can help make your ambition become a reality.

Make use of all your skills and experience to date and accelerate towards the career you have dared to dream of.

Looking to improve your career prospects?

Do you want to break away from low paid jobs that have no progression opportunities?

Explore the essentials of leadership and project management and develop the skills you need to work in the construction and Green Skills sectors. 

Course details

Course provider: West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges 

Eligibility - You must be aged 19+ and live in West Yorkshire.

Industry: Construction

Start dates: Courses running from May 2023 - September 2024

Duration: The course runs weekdays 10.00 – 13.00. An evening option is also offered, with weekly sessions over 8 weeks.

Venue: The programme will take a blended delivery approach – using community venues across west Yorkshire and our online academy, with 1-2-1s taking place on zoom.

Overview/summary of training

Why “Reignite Your Career”?

"Reignite Your Career," is a course specifically designed for women aiming to excel in the construction industry.

Immerse yourself in the ever-evolving realms of construction and the green sector, which represent the future of industry.

Explore emerging areas within the construction and green sectors while enhancing your skill set for future career success.

Elite Mentorship: Learn from our trailblazing transformational coaching team. They carved the path, now it's your turn to blaze it.

8-Week Empowerment Programme includes:
• 8 x half day online workshops
• Online Learning Modules
• Comprehensive Workbook and Materials
• One-To-One Coaching – to help you nail the job you want
• Networking with like-minded women

Week 1: Career Aspiration
Define and refine your big career ambitions by exploring your Identity, Purpose and Attitude.

Week 2: Personal Leadership, CV Optimization & Planning Your Future
Structure, Responsibility and Execution
Steer the ship with honed personal leadership skills.
Master the tools and techniques for effective career development

Week 3: Construction Part 1
Debunk the myths about Construction and the built environment sector
Dive into technical and management roles that are up for grabs.
Streamline your CV, making it a powerhouse of your accomplishments.

Week 4: Project Management 101
Gain an introduction to the core skills and techniques – you’ll set a work-based project designed to demonstrate your skills as a project planner. You’ll present back at the end of the programme. – if you are not already in the industry we have some sample projects, around Social Value, Net Carbon and Sustainability for you to use.

Week 5: Sustainability Deep Dive & Leadership Excellence
Unpack the essentials of Net Carbon, environment, and sustainable practices.
Boost your influence and position yourself as a sought-after ambassador in your field.

Week 6: Construction Part 2 – BIM. Modern Methods, Retro Fit, Social Value & Digital Twins
Demystify the forces transforming construction, built environment, and the green arena.

Week 7: Action Learning and Group Coaching
Bringing thinking and action into harmony - Creative Problem Solving through collective wisdom

Week 8: Stellar Project Presentation and Action Learning and Group Coaching. Command attention as you present your projects with confidence and precision.

Plus 1-2-1 Coaching:
Develop your CV, support with interviews and champion your worth.

Connect with our Women in Business Community:
Join a dynamic network of determined women. Collaborate, consult, and climb together.

The programme will offer you time to think, review and implement powerful tools and techniques and to think about the bigger picture without the distractions of the day-to-day.

What next?

The programme provides delegates with an overview of personal leadership, construction, built environment and the green sector, project management

Leadership and Project Management are sought-after career progression routes in this sector.

Project Management is a key feature in many roles in Construction, Built Environment and Green Skills with over 140 talent pathways such as Site Manager, Quantity Surveying, Project Manager, Assistant Site Manager, Resident Liaison Officer, Social Value and Sustainability Management.

There are enormous new career pathways emerging in the Environment, sustainability, social value and net carbon sector, delegates will be ideally placed to progress into these roles. 

There are typically project management roles in every sector in the economy.

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