Teacher encounters with KPMG

Alex, an English Teacher met with KPMG through our teacher encounters programme.

We caught up with Alex to hear about her experience and how it has benefited her and her students.

Alex highlighted how the programme broadened her perspective on educational pathways, prompting her to consider alternative routes such as apprenticeships.  

Alex found the experience motivational, reminding her of the significant influence teachers have in guiding students.   

She noted, ‘you forget sometimes, when you are on the treadmill, that you have an important role and you do have influence in that way [careers], it was a helpful reminder.’  

With support from KPMG, Alex was able to trial an approach with her Year 12 students.   

She focused on showcasing the publishing industry, providing students the opportunity to develop their employability skills, whilst consolidating their current learning about Christina Rossetti’s poems.  

Alex was able to incorporate KPMG resources about Pitches vs Presentations, Tips for Successful Pitches and also the Skills Builder Universal Framework into her teaching. She is now sharing this learning through the department. 

If you would like to take part in our teacher encounters programme, please sign up and a member of the team will be in touch soon.