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Preparing for a job interview - top tips for Jaguars


  • The most often repeated positive feedback for Jaguars following an interview is they are kind, calm, fun, and team-players. The most often repeated negative comments are they were too nice, modest, and lacked focus to achieve targets and goals. What are interviewers likely to think about you? Here are some tips to help you do well in the interview.


  • As a naturally good listener you are likely to appear calm and polite throughout the interview. You will listen carefully to the question and answer it concisely. Do make sure you answer fully. If you are asked for an example to demonstrate you have a skill required for the post do not give a brief and self-effacing answer. Do include all relevant facts. Practice saying some of your answers with a friend to ensure you include all the relevant details. Do maintain eye contact. Look at the interviewer regularly.


  • As a naturally flexible and spontaneous person you should be ready for unexpected questions or situations and be able to remain calm under pressure. If you dry up and are unable to think of an answer have a couple of prepared and rehearsed general answers about one of your proudest achievements. You could say that is a great question, I'm the sort of person who likes to think before giving an answer. That way I give a really good answer. For example, in my previous job we were asked in a meeting how to improve our service at reception. I gave my thoughts the next day and two of my suggestions were implemented.


  • Do ensure you have prepared fully for the interview. Do not be tempted to ‘wing it’ or ‘see how it goes’. Here is a checklist of the essentials: discover and adhere to the company dress code, be well groomed, on-time, check and stick to realistic travel times to reach your destination, research the company and the role you have applied for, take a folder containing your qualifications, certificates and references if you have been requested to bring them along, telephone beforehand to find out how long the interview will be, how many people will be interviewing you and if there are extras like tests or group discussions. All this preparation will serve you well. Fewer surprises on the day will put you at ease and help you retain control and composure.


  • As a naturally considerate and caring person you are likely to make a good impression with the people you meet before, during and after the interview. Use your natural skills to read the people and the situation to project a positive vibe.


  • Beware your tendency to see criticism where there may only be feedback being given, or an attempt to see how you react to a tough question. Stay focused and concentrate on providing clear answers. Do not get personal in your answers. The interviewer probably does not need to know what you did not like the people you used to work with.


  • Be careful not to be too modest about your achievements. You do need to showcase your best achievements and qualities in an interview. You can say things like ‘people say I’m exceedingly kind/ creative/ independent, for example…’ If you don’t want to say ‘I’m very kind/ creative/ independent’.


Coping with change


As humans we are programmed to look out for danger and to avoid it. This helps us survive. We grow to like familiar things and prefer to avoid change. We can see change as a potential threat.  However, some change is inevitable and most change is not a threat, but we are programmed to be wary and suspicious of change which can cause stress and unhelpful patterns of thought. We have a big brain which can make us worry in a big way. Our personality has a huge influence on our response to change. 

Does change affect you the way it does people who share your personality animal?

Jaguars are inclined to keep their problems to themselves


Although admirable in some ways this approach can cause extra stress and upset. It can be useful to talk to a trusted colleague, friend or professional. Your mind may be going round in circles, finding it difficult to settle on the best plan, and a different perspective and input could help you see things more clearly. You do not have to face everything alone. You are happy to help others so why not let others help you?

Jaguars, when under severe pressure, can be prone to make reckless and risky decisions


Be aware of this and think carefully before you commit to important decisions. Discuss your ideas with a friend or expert and ask for honest feedback. They may like your ideas or be able to prevent you from making a rash decision.

Jaguars are easily dragged down by a negative atmosphere at work or at home


If people around them are sniping at each other it is likely to rub off on the Jaguar and upset them. Equally, if they lose an incredibly important and positive friend or group of colleagues they can succumb to stress. Be aware of how sensitive you can be the people around you. It may help you understand why you are reacting badly to such change.



Job suggestions for Jaguars based on West Yorkshire key sectors: 

Organising, coordinating, and maintaining records to support others often play to a natural strength of Cats.

Cats suit roles such as

  • Database Manager
  • Front End Developer
  • Computer Systems Engineer/Architect

The cats natural interest in action and solving immediate problems by thinking on their feet is suited to roles such as:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Land Surveyor
  • Rail Engineer

Most cats are naturally warm and friendly, especially when providing support to people. This is a strength in roles such as:

  • Teacher and Teaching Assistant, particularly in practical and applied subjects
  • Social Worker
  • Nursing
  • Paramedic

Many cats like to apply their skills to monitor, make or repair things. This can be achieved in roles such as:

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Autobody Technician
  • Welder and Electrician

Cats like to express their creative side, especially when they can be spontaneous and flexible around people. More frequently advertised roles combining creativity with connecting people can appeal to cats such as:

  • Sales Manager
  • Public Relations
  • Curator / Museum Director
  • Food / Agricultural Scientist / Technologist