Career starters

 Getting a job or volunteering 

Staying in full-time education isn’t for everyone, instead you can start working or volunteering full time at 16 once you have completed Year 11 (Year 11 officially ends on the last Friday in June).

You can apply for a full-time job or volunteer to gain valuable skills and experience.

There are many websites which can help you with finding a job. These have more information about searching for  a job or volunteering opportunity or can help you with completing applications, preparing a CV and tips for job interviews.

If you are thinking of getting a job, you may also be interested in an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Are you under 18?


Remember, all young people under 18 must continue in learning or training that leads to an accreditation until their 18th birthday; this is a part of the Raising of Participation Age laws implemented in 2016.

The training can be part of your job or can be completed at college, but it must be at least 280 tutor led hours or 1 day a week over a year (this can be evening or distance learning).

Useful resources

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