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Bid to Win - Grants and Public Sector Contracts

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Our Bid to Win course is designed to fast-track your understanding of public sector procurement, elevate existing and learn new bidding skills, and shows you the latest tips, tricks and short cuts to achieving bid wins. Come and discover our bid-writing “secrets”.

Course details

Course provider: Bidright UK

Eligibility: You must be 19 or older on and must reside in West Yorkshire

Industry: Education and Training, Welfare to Work, Voluntary and Community and Third Sector, Adult Health and Social Care, Arts and Culture (any industry that is involved delivering goods, products or services public sector)

Dates: Cohort 2 - 10th July, Cohort 3 - 18th July

Duration: 5-8 weeks (dependant on specialist modules). 

Weekly: 2 hour online workshop plus 2 hours of 1:1 support 

Venue: Online (in person available upon demand)

Overview/summary of training

The course is based on Bidright’s 13 years’ experience of submitting over 1000 bids with a 75%-90% success rate and contracts won in excess of £200m. Delivered in a practical and interactive way by our Bid Experts, each workshop module is followed by a personalised one to one session to relate the knowledge and skills learnt into a real life situation. That could be a live tender or grant application, reviewing a recently submitted bid or aligned to new responsibilities and opportunities. 

In the Bid to Win modules you will learn how to: 

  • Understand bidding jargon and “read between the lines” of bid specifications. 
  • Plan and price your project to achieve a competitive edge. 
  • Increase your scores by understanding how to tailor your answer to the question. 
  • Make sure you don’t miss out on those “easy scores”. 
  • Improve your bid-writing immediately through implementing quick style changes. 
  • Gain full marks on those “tricky questions” such as social value, risk and quality assurance. 
  • Avoid common pitfalls in writing and submitting your bid. 
  • Improve your technique through analysing model answers. 
  • Overcome your particular bid-writing challenges with advice from top bid experts. 

Course Content 

  1. Opportunities: sourcing and evaluating whether to bid with overview of best bidding portals. 
  2. Readiness: planning, information gathering, delivery partners, profiling and pricing. 
  3. Preparation: dissecting buyer requirements, passing supplier selection questionnaires, delivery plans and supporting documents. 
  4. Writing: content, language, format and style with examples of how to answer common questions i.e. delivery, staffing, management, risk and quality. 
  5. Winning: elevate your scores by gaining easy marks and avoiding common pitfalls. 
  6. Public Sector Themes: Social Value, Equality and Diversity and Carbon Reduction. 
  7. Review: proofing, effective word count trimming, “brushing up” the bid to win and avoiding common submission errors.  

Plus you can then choose from the following specialist modules (min. one/max four) to further expand your understanding of bidding for public sector grants and contracts: 

  1. Creating a Bid Library: we explore how to organise, store and use information effectively e.g., track record, delivery and service statistics providing an evidence base. Understand the importance and value of keeping legal, compliance and financial accounts, policies and procedures, accreditations and certifications up to date alongside staffing capacity, roles, skills and qualifications. 
  2. Social Value: learn about what social value means, understand expectations and requirements in public sector procurement and links to sustainable development and net carbon strategies, equality and diversity policies, through to delivery and implementation plans. 
  3. Data and Technology: tips and links to researching local to national strategies and plans, using statistics and conversion rates to inform delivery models, substantiate bid statements and formulate buyer pricing requirements in bid submissions. Understand how to use bid requirements and performance data for KPI profiling, importance of appropriate MI systems, and growth and pitfalls of using AI. 
  4. Pitch to Win: tips and support on presenting at interview stage and preparing for common questions, gathering compelling and relevant evidence, pricing, scalability, risk management and mitigations, mobilisation plans and selling your USPs. 

Level: Novice to Intermediate 

What next?

The knowledge and skills gained through the programme are aimed to develop your understanding of bid writing and management practices, and ultimately go on to secure new grants and/or contracts for your employer, or for your clients if self-employed. 

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