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Supporting Individuals from Underrepresented Groups into Employment

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Kickstart your journey to employment or improve your digital and interpersonal skills to grow in your current job!  

This course is here to support anybody currently looking for a job and will help you stand out from the crowd! Equally, if you are already working, this course could help you get ahead.   

The course covers: using AI to job hunt, identifying your strengths, having difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, creating a personal brand, as well as leadership and communication theories! You will receive 8 weeks of 1-1 career coaching from an experienced coach and introductions to local employers. 

Course details

Course provider: Beam Up Ltd

Eligibility: You must be 19 or older on and must reside in West Yorkshire

Industry: Open to all

Dates: 1st June - December 2024

Duration: Each participant receives 2 hours per week of employability support and learning, as well as guided learning to complete independently.  

Venue: Virtual 

Overview/summary of training

In our 8-week employment course, you will cover:  

  • How to create an amazing CV and cover letter 
  • How to use AI to help you job hunt 
  • Understanding your personality type 
  • Interview practice and preparation 
  • Group interview practice 
  • Confidence building 
  • Understanding management and leadership styles 
  • Understanding communication styles 
  • How to network successfully 
  • Project management strategies 
  • Boundary setting in the workplace 
  • Negotiating pay and flexible working 
  • Using digital tools  
  • Building a simple website 

In 1-1 employment sessions you will focus on achieving your goals.  Specifically, Beam has links with organisations in the education, hospitality, retail and tech support sectors, but anyone will benefit from the coaching and support. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to ace an interview and be on track to achieving your employment goal! 

What next?

Participating in the programme could lead to: 

  • Employment in a variety of roles based on your career aspirations and previous experience. 
  • Accessing better paid opportunities in your field 
  • Increased digital skills and confidence 

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