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Transition to leadership in Adult Social Care -Bridging course L3 to L4

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Transitioning from a Level 3 qualification /role to a Level 4 qualification/role in Adult Social Care represents a significant step forward in one’s career.

Level 4 courses typically provide more in-depth knowledge and require greater leadership and management skills.

The course will allow you to reflect on your current knowledge and skills, identify areas where there are gaps in knowledge and understanding, especially in terms of leadership and management and will support and tailor a clear learning and development plan.

The programme will encourage peer support, form study groups and online forums where you can discuss course content and challenges with your peers. Collaborative learning can be very effective at this level.

Collaboration with participant line managers will ensure that you will gain practical experience by seeking opportunities to apply new skills and knowledge in the workplace. This will not only reinforce knowledge but also demonstrate a commitment to current and potential employers.

There will be a huge emphasis on personal development with a focus on developing leadership and management skills as you progress through the course. These skills are essential for a successful and progressive career in adult social care.

Course details

Course provider: Realise

Eligibility - You must be aged 19+ and live in West Yorkshire.

Industry: Health & Social Care

Dates: July 2024

Duration: up to 5 weeks

Venue: Blended learning - Local Training Hubs and remote sessions

Course overview

A Level 3 to Level 4 bridging course in Health and Social Care typically aims to build upon the foundational knowledge and skills acquired at Level 3 and prepare you for the more advanced concepts and responsibilities associated with Level 4 (Higher Education/Undergraduate level) studies or employment in the field of health and social care.

Within the programme you will choose units to support the development of skills and knowledge of advanced Health and Social Care concepts:

Research Skills: Developing research skills, including designing and conducting research projects. Ethical considerations in health and social care research.

Leadership and Management: Understanding leadership styles and their application in health and social care settings. Management of healthcare teams and resources. Quality assurance and improvement.

Ethics and Professionalism: Ethical dilemmas and decision-making in health and social care. Codes of conduct and professional standards. Patient/client rights and advocacy.

Communication Skills: Advanced communication skills for effective interaction with patients, clients, and colleagues. Handling challenging conversations and conflict resolution.

Specialised Areas: Depending on your interests and career goals, you might explore specialised areas such as Person-centred care and planning, specific practices in Health and Safety for care services, managing induction and staff development.

Academic Skills: Developing advanced academic skills, including critical thinking, academic writing, and research presentation.

Personal and Professional Career Development: Personal and professional growth, including self-awareness and self-care strategies.

What next?

On completion of this course, you will be able to consider a number of career progression opportunities such as promotion into a management role with a current or new employer, apply to university to complete a nursing or social work degree course or choose a coaching and mentoring role to further develop others.

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