Katie's Journey: A Maternity Leave to Career Success Story

Meet Katie, a determined individual who decided to take control of her career after a six years in the same position. She sought help from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Employment Support team at Kirklees and Julie, a dedicated professional who played a crucial role in Katie's journey. 

Boosting Confidence: After six years in the same job, Katie's confidence was low. Her daily commute to Manchester was no longer feasible with a child. Katie sought support from Employment Kirklees to start fresh.

Guidance and Support: Julie, an expert at Employment Support Kirklees, offered guidance on creating a new CV, job searching, and interview preparation. She recommended a generic cover letter, which Katie embraced.

Personalised Help: Julie referred Katie to the employment and skills team for assistance with the cover letter. She also highlighted Katie's transferable skills, boosting her confidence.

Continuous Assistance: Julie supported Katie through meetings, emails, texts, and calls. Together, they conducted job searches, and Katie began searching independently.

Seizing an Opportunity: Katie applied for a part-time role at Huddersfield University, offering the work-life balance she needed.

Prepared for Success: Julie referred Katie for interview support when she secured an interview. Katie walked in confidently and secured the job. 

The power of determination and support.

Katie's story proves that with determination and the right support, anyone can navigate career changes and achieve their dreams. 

Her words say it best:  

"Thank you for guiding me and directing me to extra help. Julie was really helpful with interview prep; it made me more confident."  


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