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We know the pandemic has brought uncertainty to a lot of people's lives, especially when thinking about employment and what the future may hold.

But we're here to help you take back control of your employment status by helping you gain new skills for your next career move.

With a Skills Connect free adult training course you can get ready for the next work opportunity that comes your way, feel confident and prepared to apply for exciting new job roles, progress in your career or start your career journey after leaving education. All Skills Connect courses are free, so it couldn't be easier to give yourself some extra training.

Boost your digital skills with our latest Skills Connect courses or register your interest in courses coming soon such as: health and social care, construction and engineering. 

You can complete a Skills Connect course from the comfort of your own home or some courses are held in the classroom. All our courses are designed by local employers, so we'll ensure you leave with skills needed right here in West Yorkshire, right now.

See below for our available Skills Connect courses 


Adult Education Budget 

Supporting adults to increase their skills and achieve the equivalent of GCSE and A Level qualifications.  

Any adult over the age of 19 is eligible for support through the Adult Education Budget. Our training providers will be able to support you in understanding what support you can access.   


Skills Connect courses - your questions answered

If you're interested in starting a free Skills Connect course but would like a bit more information first, please get in touch.