Spotlight on Health and Care

We’ve spoken to a few learners who have recently completed various Skills Connect health courses and here’s what they had to say about their experiences.

Hear from learners have completed the Skills Connect Nurses in General Practice course.

Amber, Leeds

Why do you think that the course is beneficial?

Having that knowledge when I meet the patients is really nice as we are often asked questions before trained staff come in

I can now sign post in service and both out of service

What progression are you aiming towards?

Fingers crossed it works as a steppingstone to becoming a practice nurse

I did a stint in A&E and it is completely different and there is so much to learn

My area, hopefully, when I go back to practice is hypertension

Just knowing that all these little bits we are learning add up to administering the best care for the patient in the end

What personal gains have you made whilst on the course?

They’re so relaxed when they deliver the courses, so no question is too stupid – this improved my confidence for the workplace

They’re really reassuring and will provide extra support for you to consolidate at home

They ask what specific areas we are interested in – they are really interested in trying to make it personal to you and your method of practice

Describe the process of enrolling.

I received an email from my practice manager, who filtered it out through the nursing team

My lead nurse agreed to the courses I had chosen

The process was really simple


Carrie, Leeds

Why do you think that the course is beneficial?

I came from reception to the nursing team, and I’ve learnt a lot more background knowledge

What progression are you aiming towards?

I want to work my way up to being a nursing associate and hopefully carry-on progressing

The course has definitely helped me to progress from the reception background

What personal gains have you made whilst on the course?

I never went to college, so they have helped me massively, especially since I haven’t come from an NHS background

Describe the process of enrolling.

My leaders picked out which courses they thought would be beneficial to me, so I signed up and I was on, easy as that!


We've also heard from learners who have recently completed a Skills Connect Health and Social Care Passport course.

Moe, Bradford

The course has really improved my confidence and communication skills, before, I wouldn’t be able to speak up or engage in much conversation, but now, with help from my tutors I feel a lot more confident within myself and what I say


Marlene, Bradford

I think the course is engaging and I’m having fun, it is a relaxed environment

I would like to help and work in fields that feel close to my experiences

I would like to become a mental health support worker

The classroom factor of the course was really beneficial to me, as if I had to do the work from home, I think I would’ve struggled

This place makes it easier to focus on my work. As I struggle with autonomy, environments like these are very important

I discovered the course during a jobs fair


David, Bradford

I decided to do the course because I found it interesting, and I thought it would be a new challenge to myself. It is also meeting many different sorts of people, which I enjoy

I really like my tutor, Sally, she is crystal clear in her delivery and I feel supported

I found the course easily understandable, my tutor could elaborate on any areas I may have struggled with

I was asked what I would like to do for work, and I suggested something healthcare related, that’s when I was pointed in the direction of this course

I do want to pursue a career in Health & Social Care, there are many avenues I am interested in

I have looked after family and friends all my life, so I believe I am on the right path


Avish, Bradford

The course grants me a lot of flexibility, I wish to learn as much as possible

This course is really helping me towards my master’s degree

I really enjoy being a student at the Pathway Group

After the course, I will be looking at further practical training

I discovered the course from my friend who came across the course advertisement from the Pathway Group

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