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 Educators and advisers 

How do we help educators and advisers to provide careers guidance?


We support educators and advisors to provide young people with engaging, useful, and up-to-date careers guidance. We provide information on the the West Yorkshire labour market as well as resources to help young people to prepare for their next steps.

Here you will find links to online and downloadable resources, which will help you to support young people in learning about the job market, developing key skills, and preparing for their futures.

Remote Learning Resources

FutureGoals Remote tests your communication and planning skills and develops your creative thinking.

These resources have been designed to help you learn skills that local employers are looking for such as: communication, planning and research, problem solving, creativity, organisation and self-reflection.


Tell us what you think of our FutureGoals resources

If you have recently used information on the FutureGoals website or downloaded our resources then we’d love to hear your thoughts. We are always looking for ways to continually develop and improve our content and really value your feedback.