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 Polar Bear 

Responsible, loyal, organised

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Preparing for a job interview - top tips for Polar Bears


  • The most likely positive feedback for Polar Bears following an interview is they ooze integrity, diligence, determination, and organisational skills. The most likely negative comments are they were a bit robotic and rigid in their thinking. What are interviewers likely to say about you? Here are some tips to help you do well in the interview.


  • As a naturally attentive listener you are likely to appear calm and considered throughout the interview. You will listen carefully to the question and answer it concisely. Do make sure you answer fully. If you are asked for an example to demonstrate you have a skill required for the post do not give a brief and self-effacing answer. Do include all relevant facts. Practice saying some of your answers with a friend to ensure you include all the relevant details.


  • Do maintain eye contact. Look at the interviewer regularly. Smile. You can be a very serious person, which is excellent in most work and interview situations, but do show your human side too. Share some of your passions, hobbies and good deeds.


  • As a naturally organised person you should be well prepared for the interview. You will be appropriately dressed, groomed, on-time, have researched the company and the role you have applied for and have a folder containing your certificates and references if you have been requested to bring them along. You may have even rung up beforehand to find out how long the interview will be, how many people will be interviewing you and if there are extras like tests or group discussions. All this preparation will serve you well. Fewer surprises on the day will put you at ease and help you retain control and composure.


  • You may need to prepare for the unexpected. Have a plan if something happens you have not thought about. Perhaps be ready to take a deep breath and reset before you continue.


  • As a naturally direct and objective person you are likely to interview well when you stick to the questions being asked and do not ‘put the world to right’ by offering your frank opinions on business inefficiency or controversial topics. Save your pearls of wisdom until you have been offered, accepted and been working for the company beyond a probationary or trial period.


  • You are likely to describe your skills clearly but do ensure you do not sound arrogant or insensitive. Share your possible answers with a friend before the interview to ensure you get the balance right.


Coping with change


As humans we are programmed to look out for danger and to avoid it. This helps us survive. We grow to like familiar things and prefer to avoid change. We can see change as a potential threat.  However, some change is inevitable and most change is not a threat, but we are programmed to be wary and suspicious of change which can cause stress and unhelpful patterns of thought. We have a big brain which can make us worry in a big way. Our personality has a huge influence on our response to change. 

Does change affect you the way it does people who share your personality animal?

Polar Bears tend to distrust change because they thrive when they can apply the skills, knowledge and experience they have built up and applied over many years


They tend to have a 'if it isn’t broke don't fix it' philosophy. Polar Bears cope better when they are able to take a deep breath and accept that some change can be for the better and sometimes new bosses like to change things just to show they're the boss and even if it isn't better it may be tactful to keep your thoughts to yourself!

The world will keep moving so it can be best to move with it. Hopefully, you will receive recognition for your dedication and perseverance in the future to balance out any disappointment you have for perceived erroneous imposed change in the present.

Polar Bears sometimes just need a bit more time than other animals to digest and accept change


Give yourself space where you can think through the implications of the change and identify ways to make it work for you.

Polar Bears can try and do everything themselves. 'If you want a job doing well, do it yourself.'


During changing times this can cause stress to themselves or others. Let other people join in and share responsibility. They may not achieve your high standards, but they will be more invested in helping everyone cope better with the changes. Taking people along with you generates harmony and team-spirit.


Job suggestions for Polar Bears based on West Yorkshire key sectors: 

Polar Bears have an eye for details, organising information and data, and maintaining accurate, detailed records.

Polar Bears would suit roles such as:

  • Technical Architect
  • Data Engineer

Polar Bears have a natural ability to concentrate and produce consistent, high-quality work.

Polar Bears could thrive in roles such as:

  • Logistics
  • Quantity Surveyor 

Polar Bears are often seen as direct and straight to-the-point.

Polar Bears would suit roles such as:

  • Care Assistant
  • Radiology
  • Veterinary Work 

Polar Bears like to apply their skills to monitor, make or repair things.

Polar Bears could thrive in roles such as:

  • Welder
  • CNC Operator

Polar Bears often think they do not have a creative side, but they do.

Polar Bears would suit roles such as:

  • Illustrator/Artist
  • Desktop Publisher