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Jumpstart Your Career - Grad Skills

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Are you a graduate living in West Yorkshire? Do you want to learn more about jobs that suit your skills and help plan for your future? 

The Graduate Skills Project aims to upskill you to help support you into graduate-level employment. We want to help connect you to employment opportunities. 

This online development programme is designed to enhance your knowledge of recruitment and careers and to encourage you to develop and grow your skills, all with the end goal of increasing your employability. Whether you’re looking for a first job, or considering your next role, this free programme will enable you to make decisions about your future career and improve your chances of success. 

Jumpstart Your Career - Grad Skills

Provider: Leeds Trinity University and Gradconsult 


  • You must be aged 19+
  • Employed, Self-Employed and Unemployed
  • The right to legally reside and work in the UK
  • Live in West Yorkshire and
  • Not in full time education or undertaking an apprenticeship at the time of joining
  • Graduated in the last 5 years

Industry: General Graduate Employability 

Dates: 01/01/24

Duration: 6-12 weeks

Venue: Online 


What does this course cover?

All the modules are delivered through an online interactive learning system which includes:

  • Video content
  • Presentations and reading materials
  • Self-assessment questionnaires, quizzes and content related tests
  • Opportunities for self-reflection
  • Opportunities to hear from West Yorkshire employers and to explore the Graduate labour market in West Yorkshire
  • Networking events to meet West Yorkshire employers.

You will meet with a coach at the beginning of the course, who will take your details, find out about your goals, and agree a deadline for completing that modules. Typically this will be two weeks, although this can be extended if you have significant other commitments. Your coach will stay in touch during and after the completion of the online modules to offer you support, and offer you one coaching session.

You will complete the following three core modules first:

Think like a recruiter 
This module will provide you with a complete breakdown of popular recruitment processes and understand how to succeed in them. It will help you understand how to identify key competencies on job adverts and how recruiters assess competencies in all parts of the recruitment process. You will find out how to make your application stand out. You will understand what an assessment centre involved and how to succeed at one.

Confidence, wellbeing and mindset 
This module will help you to understand positive pressure versus stress and identify coping strategies and positive behaviours to deal with stressful situations. We will help you to normalise the process of rejection in recruitment and develop ways of coping with failure. You will understand what confidence is, why it is important and help you support the development of confidence in recruitment and employment settings.

Finding your WHY 
By completing this module, you will be able to identify and articulate own strengths and values. You will understand how to use these strengths and values to identify job and career options. We will help you to understand that there are different paths to finding a fulfilling career and develop strategies for being proactive and making the most of opportunities. You will be able to link your ‘why’ with real opportunities present in the West Yorkshire graduate labour market and to identify fulfilling graduate roles, career options (e.g. portfolio careers) or future aspirations (if in employment) 

After completing these three modules, you will have the opportunity for coaching and to attend networking.  

You will then have access to the five professional development modules: 

Building your personal brand 
After this module you will be able to identify and articulate your sector specific and transferable skills. You will understand how to build an online personal brand for recruitment, freelancing and portfolio careers. You will be able to recognise achievements and how to showcase them both during and outside of recruitment processes. We will teach you to understand the importance of relevance when it comes to 'selling' experiences and to develop confidence in showcasing achievements. You will understand how to use online networking tools to develop a professional network and identify opportunities, with a particular focus on LinkedIn 

The art of communicating brilliantly 
This module will help you understand how much time we spend communicating and understand what is meant by active listening and how to utilise active listening skills in recruitment and employment. You will understand personality types and how they influence communication styles and explore and identify the best approaches for influencing different stakeholders. You will develop written communication skills for professionalism and understand how to deliver great presentations, develop confidence when presenting and develop approaches to overcoming presentation anxiety 

Personal effectiveness and time management 
You will discuss what it means to be personally effective and consider your relationship with time, identifying practical ways to overcome barriers for optimum performance. By exploring the golden rules of task management, you will understand the psychology of habit formation, exploring concepts such as Charles Duhigg's 'Habit Loop' and James Clear's 'Atomic Habits'. We will help you gain new time management methods and techniques and explore tactics to prioritise and focus your time and become more productive 

Ideate, create, implement 
This module will help you to understand the principles of design thinking and how they can be used both in entrepreneurship and in employment (intrapreneurship). You will experience techniques for creativity and ideation and understand the four core stages of project management and common project management tools. You will be able to define what we mean by ‘stakeholder’ and understand how to communicate with them during a project. By experiencing some project management tasks you will understand decision making and imperfect decisions in an imperfect world 

Elevate your career: Leadership 101
We will help you to understand and articulate the key principles of leadership including the differences between leaders, managers, and operators. By exploring the concept of authentic leadership, you will identify how a leaders’ personal brand and values manifest in their behaviour and decisions. You will learn to describe the theory of perfectionism, with opportunities to evaluate own mindset and the role it will play in your leadership journeys. We will help you to understand the role of self-talk in creating our own leadership success stories and overcoming imposter syndrome. You will understand the role of feedback in leadership and personal development and gain skills in delivering and receiving feedback effectively.  


What next?

By completing this course you could open up a whole range of opportunities for yourself. We will help you to identify you skills, strengths and interests which in turn will help you to identify suitable job roles for you.  

We will help you to set short and long-term goals and actions to help move you move towards the jobs that most suit your needs and interests.  

We will keep in contact with you to see how you get on with hopefully and interview, further education, promotion in your current role or exciting volunteering opportunities that will give you experience. 


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