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Positive Leadership Course

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Develop your leadership skills with our POSITIVE Leadership course. Learn effective communication, motivation, and feedback techniques. Foster a positive work environment, enhance organizational effectiveness, and improve the quality of care provided to residents. Suitable for leaders in the care home industry, this course offers career advancement and personal growth opportunities.

Course details

Course provider: Care Connector Learning Academy

Eligibility - You must be aged 19+ and live in West Yorkshire, working in the Health and Social Care Sector

Industry: Health 

Dates: Exact dates will be confirmed on sign up.

Duration: Two days.

Venue: Across West Yorkshire.

Course overview

Course Modules:

Module 1: Promoting a Positive Work Environment

  • Understanding why people do what they do
  • Enhancing communication strategies for open dialogue and collaboration
  • Building trust and respect within teams
  • Objectively identify behaviours that create results

Module 2: Inspiring and Motivating Teams

  • Developing leadership techniques to ignite enthusiasm and motivation
  • Nurturing effective coaching and mentoring skills
  • Encouraging a culture of recognition and appreciation

Module 3: Effective Feedback and Performance Enhancement

  • Mastering the art of delivering constructive feedback for growth
  • Setting clear goals and expectations to drive performance
  • Monitoring and tracking progress effectively

Module 4: Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

  • Promoting innovation and creativity within teams
  • Managing change and building resilience in a dynamic care home environment
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement

What next?

By completing the POSITIVE Leadership course, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of positive behavioural leadership and its impact on teams and residents
  • Acquire effective communication techniques to foster trust and collaboration
  • Develop leadership skills to inspire and motivate your team members
  • Learn to provide constructive feedback and recognition for enhanced performance
  • Cultivate a positive work environment that fosters employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Acquire strategies to enhance the quality of care provided to residents
  • Strengthen your personal brand and value within the care home industry
  • Unlock opportunities for career advancement and professional growth


The POSITIVE Leadership course is ideal for:

  • Current and aspiring leaders in the care home industry
  • Managers, supervisors, and team leaders seeking to enhance their leadership skills
  • Caregivers and healthcare professionals looking to develop leadership capabilities
  • Individuals passionate about creating a positive impact on their teams and residents.

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